Season Two Premieres Soon

Season Two Premieres Soon

Oh great, more stuff for the internet.

Yup, watch sasquatch hunters, exorcists, clowns, aliens and even a flash mob funeral, as people turn cameras on themselves and hope for the best; the best being a wildly popular video to make them famous.

We are pleased to announce that Season Two is coming soon. Tune in for twelve episodes, contests, prizes and more.

Written, directed and starring some of Nova Scotia’s funniest creators, Everyone’s Famous serves up twelve new episodes, starting Tuesday, November 14 (10AM EST) on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and Daily Motion.

Season One saw one man, Donald trying to create viral videos, only to fail at every attempt. In Season Two, everyone starts filming, hoping to hit it virally big. In front of the camera you’ll see Cathy Jones, Bette MacDonald, Bill Wood, Bill Carr, Molly Dunsworth, Glenn Mathews, Nicole Steeves, Rhys Bevan-John, Josh MacDonald, Brian MacQuarrie and many more.

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