Episode: Mythical Beasts

DWAYNE (Bob Mann)

TYRELL (Bill Wood)

FAIRY GOD MOTHER (Gillian Anderson)

FAUN (Chris Campbell)


CAMERAMAN (Kirill Polstanen)

ADULT LEPRECHAUN (Everardo Ramirez)

SASQUATCH (Walter Forsyth)

Episode: Dog Cancer Variety Show

DANIELLE (Cathy Jones)

TOM (Glen Matthews)

KEVIN (Rhys Bevan-John)

MOCHA (as Himself)

Episode: Bunker Down
GARY the CLOWN (Kevin Kincaid)
The PRESIDENT of the USA (Josh MacDonald)

Episode: To Mock a Killingbird

BERNIE (Bob Mann)

BUCK (Bill Carr)

STEVO (Glen Matthews)

DEVON (Anneke Stroink)

Episode: You’ve Been Served

Braz (Alex Pudy)

IZZIE (Bete MacDonald)

Episode: Flash Mob Funeral

DWAYNE (Ryan Cyr)

COCKY (Glen Matthews)

LYDIA (Jamie Proctor)

KYLE (Brian Macquarrie)

CANDY (Leah Johnston)



Ryan BeilDONALD (Ryan Beil) @ryanbeil  When Donald Farmer was 15 his father, as wise as he was, simply said: “Fame is for famous people.” So Donald gave up his dreams and got himself a real job. After his Internet video goes viral, Donald finds a new lease on his chance to be a celebrity. He soon finds that fame is much more elusive than keyboard cat would have you think.

Kayla Lorette

JUDY (Kayla Lorette) @kaylalorette  Donald’s girlfriend never wanted to be famous but Donald has different plans. She’s Donald’s tether to the ‘real world’ and is often the only thing between Donald burning the house down in the name of an Internet meme.

Pat Thorton

RICHARD (Pat Thorton) @patthornton

Richard is Donald’s best friend and will do anything to help Donald in his quest for fame. If Judy’s the one keeping Donald from burning the house down, Richard’s the one carrying the gasoline.

Kyle Hickey

ERIC (Kyle Hickey) @kjhickeylol

Eric is Donald’s friendly coworker. Ever since Donald has become obsessed with these internet videos Eric has found himself spending a lot of time with Judy.